California Spas

California Spas

California Spas have a reputation for providing hot tubs at very competitive prices that are energy efficient and have great build quality. Unlike many hot tubs, the California Spas tubs are rotationally moulded, this means that the main part of the hot tub is made from one shell. That removes the need for a supporting frame, reduces the costs and the weight of the hot tub and increases the strength.

California Spas are also designed to be very energy efficient and comply with the strict guidelines set by the California Energy Commission for energy consumption and heat retention. All California Spas are fully insulated and all come with a thermal cover to retain heat and this results in lower electrical consumption to maintain a given water temperature. 

All of the Spas in the California range use the Gecko Control System which is really easy to use and durable. They are fully insulatedwith a range of options and designs as well as using a full water filtration system to maintain the best quality water levels. All of these features combine make the California Spas range very appealing and then you can add on the real big factor which is the price. Due to their new production techniques, the California Spas are really great value for money that combine low prices with good energy efficiency and the range is now stocked at Bay Spas in Devon

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