Wellis MyLine Hot Tubs in the UK


MyLine Hot Tubs from Wellis

The New MyLine range of hot tubs from Wellis Spas provide exceptional value for money from one of Europe's leading spa manufacturers.

All of the hot tubs in the MyLine range include Poli-MAX reinforcement in the construction of the structure. The hot tub body has three layers designed to offer enhanced sound insulation to make this one of the quietest hot tub ranges on the market.  The outer surface is made from acrylic and has an antimicrobial treatment, the middle layer is made from a polymer to provide strength and impact resistance and the inside layer is formed from polyurethane to provide thermal and acoustic insulation whilst adding more strength.

Inside the hot tub cabinet, insulated foil covers the surfaces so that heat loss from the pumps is then absorbed back into the plumbing mechanisms reducing heat loss and therefore reducing electricity consumption and running costs.

The hot tub frame is coated with a polymer to enhance the lifetime of the hot tub, protecting the frame and preventing corrosion.

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