Swim Spa Delivery from Bay Spas

The growth in popularity of swim spas and where customers want to put them has led to dealers becoming involved in arranging some spectacular deliveries. Even helicopters and barges have been used to get units into exclusive locations. The image below shows a swim spa being craned over the house of a Bay Spas client for delivery. Swim spas are big units and typically would require a crane or lorry with built in crane for delivery and installation. Whilst the image looks spectacular, it is a standard process and Bay Spas have delivered and installed a large number of swim spas across the South West. Siting is subject to an inspection by the Bay spas team to ensure that everything is in place for a fast, efficient and fit for purpose delivery. for more information about swim spas click here and for swim spa uses, click here.

When your swim spa has been delivered, the team at Bay Spas will commission your unit, we will wire all connections, fill and test your swim spa as well as provide full instruction on use and care. You will also be provided with a free chemical starter kit and will be shown how to use it. Delivery and installation is included in the price however the external lifting equipment can be organised by Bay Spas but is an additional cost as this is dependant upon the site and the specific situations that the site requires in terms of lifting.

The images above and below show a siting of an external swim spa in the winter, we can usually deliver and install our swim spas year round and they can be fitted both internally or externally. The Vita Spas swi spa range are built for external uses to the highest standards but are equally at home inside a house and we have even helped clients with converting garages into pool rooms. Our team is here to help you, we always work with our clients to ensure that the installation, delivery and use of any of our hot tubs or swim spas runs as smoothly as possible. We are also always available for any reason should you have any questions or need help with use, chemical dosing or cleaning and maintenance. Ensuring our customers get value for money and excellent service is a key element of our business and one of the reasons that our customers are always happy to recommend us.

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