Swim Spas from Bay Spas

Bay Spas supplies the leading range of Vita Spas swim spas from their base in North Devon. The unique design features and product testing along with exceptional build quality means that our range of Swim Spas are more than just an ordinary swim spa, they are the leading product on the market. Our clients purchase in the knowledge that they are backed up by a dedicated team with experience in all aspects of swim spa uses, purchasing, delivery and installation.

swim spa in a garden

Swimming is one of the healthiest exercises and sports for the body. Offering no contact and limiting injuries, swimming has long been regarded as one of the best ways to keep fit, whilst minimising stress on muscles and the body in general. The Vita Spas range allows you to swim in the comfort of your own home or garden without the expense, space, building and maintenance required for a swimming pool installation.

Hot tuib laid with decking surrounding it.

Having a swim spa requires less space than a swimming pool installation and is just as effective for keeping fit through swimming. Our swim spas are robust with excellent build quality and are designed for both internal and external use. The image above shows a swim spa installed externally. Not only is installation easy, maintenance is a simple process and without the need for a pump room, managing a swim spa is a lot easier than managing your own swimming pool. Full tuition relating to maintenance is provided by the Bay Spas team to help you maintain your swim spa in peak condition. We can help you with chemical dosing as well as periodic mechanical services and Bay Spas supply all products required to maintain a great swim spa at a cost effective price.

Hot tub inset in a garden with decking

One of the main benefits of having a swim spa is that they don't actually take up a vast amount of space and they don't require a bespoke building or renovation to have them installed. Simple back yard installations such as in the image above are relatively easy with the hot tub partially or completely installed below ground level. The image above shows a typical installation where the swim spa is partially sunk into the ground with decking built up to provide easy entry and exit access.

Hout tub out side with rocks behind

Swim spas are also designed to look great and work well with contemporary designed gardens, offering a great feature for families looking to have something special and keep fit. Swim spas are not just about swimming, they are also for family fun being large enough to accommodate a family with a hot tub area and jets at one end. The Vita Spas range of swim spas are designed to offer a new product that combines the fun of a hot tub with the health benefits of swimming.

Hot tub raised over looking a lawn

Bay Spas supply the entire range of Vita Spas swim spas, with a team dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer service. We can help you through the process with guidance on delivery and installation of swim spas provided by a team with significant experience in this area. Our team is here to help you with a full after sales service and we also provide a free starter pack with each swim spa installed. Bay Spas also provide the entire range of general and product specific consumables for your swim spa and are always here to help you. If you are interested in buying a swim spa, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 01271 864192 who are always here to help you or complete our contact form and we will call you.


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