Swim Spa Uses by Bay Spas

Swim Spas are purchased for a wide range of clients from Bay Spas including personal and commercial clients. Having the ability to swim in a Vita Spa swim spa offers increased flexibility over standard hot tubs and opens up the product to a wide range of potential uses for individuals or businesses.

For example, the images below shows a swim spa used for swim training by a swimming instructor who uses the swim spa to improve techniques and fitness for clients. The benefit is that the swim spa takes up less space than a swimming pool, irradicates the need for an expensive plant room as it is a self contained unit and offers a continuous flow to improve fitness and stamina. There are no queues at a local public pool and the swim spa enables the instructor to provide one to one tuition with the client in a closed and private environment. This is ideal for both amateur and professional sports people who want to train and improve fitness in their own home.

Jetted tank swim spas are not favoured for this type of facility, swimming professionals prefer the flow created a series of pumps that are built into the swim spa.

There are a wide range of health benefits for non professional users of swim spas, swimming is one of the best ways to improve fitness whilst minimising impact and stress on the body. The swim spa pictured below has been installed in a professional health suite for the benefit of members. The swim spa has been sunk into the ground to allow easy access and exit and the flexible control systems in this unit make it perfect for those that also want a gentle swim to relax the body and improve fitness.


Our range of swim spas are built to the highest quality levels and are made to be fit for purpose.  The range is designed that even the best athletes in the world will find theses swim spas as fit for purpose and can cope with the hardest and most rigorous of training schedules for the ultimate in peak performance for both professional and amateur fitness enthusiasts, swimmers and sports people.

If you are interested in buying a UK swim spa from a reputable dealer, why not have a look at our UK swim spa delivery information page for more help with delivery and site perparation. Alternatively, our primary UK swims spa information page has all you need to know about the benefits of purchasing a swim spa and why they are far easier to manage and maintain than swimming pools.

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