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Vita Spa 500 Series Salon

234cm x 234cm x 97cm
5 persons

If you want something extra special from the great Vita Spa 500 series range, the Vita Spa Salon hot tub offers just that!  A fantastic hot tub for 5 people and the only one in the range that features two loungers. The Salon hot tub from Vita Spa is perfect if you want a 5 seater hot tub with luxury elements such as back lit LED fountains, coasters and 11 underwater lights, built to very high build specifications and the added bonus of two loungers.

The 500 series offers high build quality with additional luxury features and the Vita Spa Salon is no exception. Featuring a galvanised steel frame construction that provides added strength and durability over a wood framed hot tub, the frame is 5 times tronger than a traditional, standard wood framed hot tub. Great for a party hot tub, with two speakers within the shell and a sub woofer, ideal if you are buying a hot tub to promote a holiday cottage.

The real bonus is the clever design which features two loungers and the three seats. Relax and unwind with your partner, the 64 jets will provide all of the benefits of hydrotherapy where you can stretch out in those fantastic loungers. This hot tub is designed to offer you the maximum amount of relaxation space for the size, no cramming in, there is all of the room that you need to enjoy the full benefits of quality hot tub hydrotherapy. The Vita Spa Salon is available to buy through Bay Spas with delivery in the south west, a high quality 5 seater hot tub with two loungers that is perfectly suited for our clients looking for a hot tub with dual loungers, high build quality and luxury features.


Technical data


234cm x 234cm x 97cm


5 People

Water Capacity: 

1893 L


When empty 327 kg

When full 2219 kg


32 Amp


63 Jets


Pump 1 - 4.8Hp, 240V, 2Speed

Pump 2 - 4.8hp, 240V, 1Speed

Air Blower - 1.5HP, 240V, 1 Speed

Water Features: 


Freeze Protection: 




Perma-Shield Bottom: 


Premiere Styled Cover: 


Excel-X™ (Simulated Wood): 


Aqua Burst™ Plus Lighting: 


Vita Tunes - Subwoofer: 


Cabinet Colour

Shell Colour

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