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Bay Spas is the only authorised dealer of the Vita Spas swim spas covering DevonCornwall and Somerset.

The Vita Spas Swim Spa range is available to see and try in Bay Spas hot tub showroom in Devon, so why not pop in and try out the best Swim Spa available in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset.

This is a fantastic range of swim spas suitable for families up to professional athletes. The range covers every type of requirement with the top of the range Xstream Duo Pro and XStream Sport XSR being ideal for professional or serious swimmers or those that require high fitness levels. Swimming is one of the best exercises for your body, as the water supports your joints and muscles, you can get real aerobic benefits from swimming, improve your physique and overall fitness. Having a swim spa allows you to swim in the comfort of your own home without the costly need for a swimming pool. Click on the links below to see more details regarding the individual spas in the range:Bay Spas in North Devon is the exclusive dealer covering Devon, Cornwall and Somerset in the UK for the Michael Phelps Swim spas by Master Spas in the West Country.

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