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Buy Aurora Hot Tubs for sale in North Devon

Aurora Hot Tubs


The Aurora range of hot tubs is one of our best selling ranges at Bay Spas. This range offers outstanding value for money proving that you don't have to break the bank if you want and size of hot tub at a reasonable price. The Aurora is a natural light displayu and lends its name to this range for good reason. All of the hot tubs in the range have the Aurora LED lighting system including large underwater LED lights, water line LED lights and in some cases, cup holder, jets and waterfall LED lights. The lighting system is also colour changing so you have a light show in your hot tub!

We love the Aurora range, we think that the price point is amazing and the range offers something for everyone with the larger hot tubs at anbeatable prices. You also get the R10 insulation system so you also save on money as this is a highly efficient insulation system that keeps running costs down. They also have a range of water features and seating configurations depending on the model. We acn also provide alternative Aurora models not shown on our website, please contact Bay Spas for more information or visit our showroom.

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  1. SB356DL hot tub for sale
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  4. seat lights in hot tub

Aurora Hot Tubs SB356DL 190cm x 135cm x 78cm 2 Seats


Aurora SB356DL compact hot tub with two lounge seats for maximum hydrotherapy in a small space.

2 Seats

  1. SB344S hot tub for sale
  2. SB344S grey top view
  3. SB344S top view in espresso
  4. Aurora SB344S hot tub side view
  5. SB344S in grey side view
  6. hot tub with led exterior lighting

Aurora Hot Tubs SB344S 215cm x 180cm x 80cm 5 Seats


Aurora SB344S 5 seat hot tub in a great range of colours and water line LED lights at a great price.

5 Seats

  1. SB355L hot tub for sale
  2. SB355L top view in espresso
  3. SB355L top view in grey
  4. SB355L side view in espresso
  5. SB355L side view in grey
  6. SB355L side view in white

Aurora Hot Tubs SB355L 225cm x 180cm x 80cm 5 Seats


Aurora SB355L hot tub with 1 lounge seat plus 4 seats, a great price with the full the Aurora LED lighting system.

5 Seats

  1. SB353L hot tub for sale top view
  2. side view of the SB353L
  3. SB353L hot tub with cover off
  4. installation of SB353L hot tub
  5. wateall in the SB353L hot tub
  6. full jets on in the SB353L

Aurora Hot Tubs SB353L 200cm x 200cm x 80cm 6 Seats


SB353L offers amazing value for money for a large square hot tub with 5 seats plus 1 lounge seat and a watefall with colour changing LED lighting.

6 Seats

  1. SB354S hot tub for sale
  2. SB354S hot tub side view
  3. SB354S with cover off
  4. SB354S hot tub in a garden
  5. SB354S view with cover off

Aurora Hot Tubs SB354S 200cm x 200cm x 80cm 7 Seats


The Aurora SB354S is the ultimate value for money large hot tub with 7 seats and 2 LED waterfalls plus a host of other great features.

7 Seats