Hot Tub Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Using Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

People hire hot tubs in Devon for a number of reasons and such as for parties or social events. However, another reason we find people hire hot tubs in Devon is due to a number of hot tub health benefits.

  • How to relieve stress in the hot tub

The warmth of the hot tub water in combination with the power of the water jets on your body will help to relax muscles and ease tension, both of which are common factors of stress. The warm water vapour from the hot tub can act as a mild decongestant, allowing you to breathe more easily through the nose. Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth is common advice for relieving stress and can be a great health benefit. In combination with the warmth, the noise of the water in the hot tub has been known to induce a relaxed and calm state of mind, allowing stresses to melt away. Hot tubs are also renowned to aid sleep as a natural sleeping remedy, allowing you to benefit from a healthy night's sleep.

  • Joint and muscle ache relief from a hot tub

If you suffer from headaches, tight muscles or joint ache, health benefits are delivered in a number of ways. The warm water can help relax tight muscles in the neck and shoulders, easing and reducing tension headaches. The warm water will also act on tight joints, making them suppler and allowing them to move more freely. Water reduces body weight by somewhere in the region of 90 per cent. This means that any lower-body tight muscles or problem areas will be relieved of their weight-bearing duties, allowing them time to recover, relieving any aches and pains.

  • Hot tub exercise

As fair as health benefits go, exercise is easily overlooked, but can be achieved in a number of ways with the use of different equipment. Easily achievable is hot tub aquarobics, which can be done in almost all hot tubs, following an aquarobics instructional DVD or with simple leg and arm exercises.

If your tub is large enough, you can also take part in underwater cycling. The principal of underwater cycling with a special underwater exercise bike - or pool bike - is the same as with a regular exercise bike, only the underwater bikes generally offer more resistance and a more intense workout through the use of paddles which create resistance with the water.

A more common form of swim spa exercise is swimming. Swimming is one of the best exercise options. With the water supporting joints and muscles, swimming can improve your physique, stamina and overall fitness. Hot tub swimming - or stationary swimming - can be achieved either through the use of a current generator which you can then swim against, these generators can either built into your hot tub such as with the swim spa range or you can purchase an external current generator (the SwimEx for example). Bungee cords can also be used for hot tub swimming; these are affixed to your waist and anchored behind you to something stationary to offer resistance when swimming, restricting you from actually moving forward.

  • Hot tub aromatherapy

Special hot tub aromatherapy salts are available which provide hot tub health benefits in the form of relaxation and natural relief from muscle aches and joint pain.  The crystals lightly fragrance the water and water vapour is are then inhaled allowing you to relax, de-stress or to rejuvenate and invigorate.

If you are thinking about hot tub health benefits, it may be worth your while to hire a hot tub in Devon to give you an insight into whether you should buy a hot tub. Bay Spas offers hot tub sales and hot tub hire in Devon, Somerset and Cornwall. Hot tub hire prices will vary depending on where you live in relation to Bay Spas Hot Tubs and Swim Spas Devon.