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Bay Spas Customer Testimonials

Just a few of the many customer testimonials that we have received at Bay Spas.

After the excitement of surfing at Putsborough what better way to relax than in a hot tub. The aches and pains from being battered by the surf were soothed by the massaging jets. A must get for any surfer (amateur or professional!)

After a few weeks of getting used to the water balancing act all is well, and the time spent in the hot tub to date has made it all worth while. Again thanks to you and your team for all the help and support for without this I would not have been able to achieve my goal.




I suffer with MS which has left me unable to exercise due to immobilisation and pain in my left side. However, I have been using the Swim Spa for about 1 year. When I first began using it I had reservations that I was going to be able to use it to its' full potential.

I started off exercising slowly and have build up to two hours a day combined fitness and swimming programme. I am astounded by the results, not only am I getting fitter, but loosing weight in the process!

I feel more control of what is happening to my body, instead of the MS ruling it and would therefore recommend to anyone who has similar reservations to definitely think about purchasing a Spa pool, as I'm sure you will reap the rewards.

Jo Marsden



Dear Ian,

This is just to thank you for the service we have received from your company.
We found it very difficult to decide on which model to buy and you and your company's knowledge and patience made our decisions a lot easier. I'm sure they must have been more than a little fed up of all the times we phoned, with different questions each time. However they were always helpful and polite every time. They never once pressurised us and just helped us when we needed it.

We were more than a little worried about its installation as we live in a bungalow that has no easy access to the garden. We were however assured by Ian Blake that a crane would be able to lift the tub over the roof of our bungalow. We live in a quiet little hamlet. You can imagine what interest the arrival of a huge crane caused in the locality. All our neighbours came out to watch. The pictures have to be seen to be believed.
The two gentlemen, who delivered the hot tub, just took it in their stride. They were wonderful. It could not have gone smoother. Their helpfulness, politeness and calmness carried the day.

We would certainly recommend your company, bay spas to any and all of our friends, and in face have already done so.

We are pleased with our final choice of Aegean hot tub.
Thank you very much

June Whitney.



We just bought a spa from Bay Spas Mullacott Cross, Ilfracombe, North Devon.
The two sales people there were very helpful and we also added a gazebo to our order. We are now looking forward to delivery. 
Good sales people who know their products.

Let's hope the good service continues.
Mr and Mrs Bissessar
North Devon



Hi Ian, I just thought I'd write to let you know that everything is ok. I would like to say thank you for all the advice and information you gave us before we purchased the hot tub. I would also like to thank you for the after sales support and service that you offer. We will be in touch again when we require more chemicals.

Ann and Bob Morris-Fuge.



Dear Bay Spas,
After starting looking at the cheaper tubs online I ended up purchasing an LPS 214L hot tub from you at Bay Spas. Thanks for the advice Ian, the hydrotherapy is great especially after a long day sitting in front of a computer.

Thanks again for your great advice, quick and easy delivery service and always being on the end of the phone if we need any help. 




After the quick and pleasant purchasing of a hot tub from yourselves on the 3rd of March. I feel I must put pen to paper to inform you how it has affected my families life !!

For me the thought that within 10 minutes of arriving home from work I can be relaxing in hot bubbles that keep a smile on my face all day. It certainly makes the working day fly by 
My children no longer just sit in front of the T.V when they get home from school, the first and only thing they are interested in is getting in the " hot-tub" And it is a wonderful motivator for ensuring chores are completed on time!
My wife has found it has a wonderful effect6 on her lower back pain and insists that this is the only reason she spends every opportunity in the "hot-tub"
As a family we now spend quality time in the "hot-tub" together and talk about all manner of subjects, rather than just sitting inside watching T.V.
Our "hot-tub" model is so easy to use and maintain using the starter pack you supplied, and it was up and running within 1 hour of it arriving at my house!
Once again many thanks for introducing me and my family to the wonderful world of "hot-tubs". We shall certainly be coming back to you for our next model.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Shadley.