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Buy Hekla Saunas at Bay Spas in North Devon

Hekla Saunas

Buy Hekla Saunas at Bay Spas in North Devon 


Hekla Saunas are now supplied by Bay Spas in Devon, the ultimate outdoor luxury sauna that can be enjoyed for fun and for health benefits in your own outdoor space across the UK. 

Hekla Saunas are made in Finland using environmentally friendly techniques to create a traditional Baltic sauna that is manufactured to the highest quality standards using eco-friendly materials. The saunas come in two shapes, the cube and the barrel, they are constructed using Thermowood which is a heat treated, thermally modified Nordic spruce and is sourced from sustainably managed forests. The Nordic spruce is prolific in Finland and all of the trees used to manufacure Hekla Saunas are replaced with new saplings. The heat treatment process is then applied to the cut wood to create a sustainable, eco-friendly product that is produced to perfectly match the requirements of building an outdoor sauna and is suitable for use in the UK, even in our wet weather conditions.

The heating process does not involve the use of chemicals, it alters the physical properties of the wood, making it more durable, reistant to rot, water errosion and decay. This process makes the wood more stable and less prone to shrinking and warping. The process also makes the wood resistant to fire, you can even heat these saunas with an internal wood burner, an electric heater is also available

The end result is a stunning range of saunas from Hekla that are designed to minimise energy use, spread the heat evenly around the sauna and are beautiful, a perfect addition to your outdoor space. As this is a Finish made product, every attention to detail has been included in all aspects of the build and Bay Spas are proud to be a leading distributor of Hekla Saunas in Devon. They are incredibly aesethitcally pleasing, incorporating traditional Finish design that has evolved over many years to create the ultimate in outdoor sauna design that looks stunning and is fit for purpose.

Our Hekla Saunas are pallet delivered and the installation process usually takes two people between 6 to 10 hours, depending on the siting area which requires a level and firm base. You will need an electrician to connect the heater and the lights, the electricity supply depends on the sauna size with a maximum supply of 9KW for the largest version. The wood burning option requires a minimal electrical supply just for the lighting. Bay Spas can offer a siting service for properties within a 20 mile radius of our showroom in North Devon. In order to purchase a Hekla Sauna, an intial deposit of PS1000 is required with the balance due on the delivery day. Our lead times depend on our stock level and are usually within a maximum of 8 weeks, depending on the models available that we have in the UK.

For more information about the range of options, purchase information, delivery and siting, please call 01271 864192 for a no obligation quote.

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  1. front view of the Hekla barrel sauna
  2. Hekla barrel sauna for sale
  3. outside the Hekla barrel sauna
  4. interior view of the Hekla barrel sauna
  5. Hekla barrel sauna in the snow

Hekla Barrel Saunas 210 & 250 210 x 240 x 225cm or 250 x 240 x 225cm Seats 4 or 6 6 Seats


Hekla Barrel 210 and 250 Saunas are stunning large barrel shaped saunas with  the options of an electrical heater or a wood burner heater.

6 Seats

  1. Hekla Cube Sauna in a garden
  2. Hekla Cube Sauna interior from outside
  3. interior fo the Hekla Cube Sauna
  4. side external view of the Hekla Cube Sauna
  5. seating in the sauna
  6. sauna under construction
  7. top seat in the Hekla Cube Sauna
  8. corner seat in the Hekla Cube Sauna

Hekla Cube Saunas 160, 210 & 250 160 x 235 x 235cm, 210 x 235 x 225cm or 250 x 235 x 225cm Seats 4 or 6


Stunning Hekla Cube 160, 210, 250 Saunas  for 2, 4 or 6 people, Skandi styule outdoor saunas with elecrtric heating or a wood burner options.