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The Hekla Barrel 210 and 250 Saunas are 4 and 6 person seating saunas respectively. They are traditional Baltic barel shaped outdoor saunas with the option of an electrical heater or a wood burner heater.

The traditional barrel shape design has been used for many years as it allows the hot air to circulate around the sauna. With a square shape, the heat sits at the top of the sauna, with a barrel shape, the hot air moves evenly around the interior. As the barrel shape has less volume, it also requires less heating and is more energy efficient. The barrel shape also protects the exterior of the sauna as it sheds rainwater and snow quickly and provides an improved strucutral integrity that prevents warping with a tight fit.

The Hekla Barrel saunas are ideal for any outdoor environment in the UK. They are manufactured from Thermowood, this is a heat treatment process that requires no chemicals and involves heating the wood used in construction in an oxygen free chamber to a high temperature. The process makes the wood for more durable, resistant to water, rot, shrinking and swelling and has been proven to significantly increase the lifetime of the product.

The entire process results in one of the highest quality barrel shaped wood saunas on the market. Built to the highest standards in Finland, not only are the Hekla Barrel saunas durable and eco-friendly, they are also incredibly beautiful, incorporating traditional design with natural and sustainable materials to create the perfect addition to your outdoor space.

Saunas are thought to have significant health benefits and have been used for centuries in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The may help reduce stress and anxiety levels and help you to relax. The perspiration in a sauna detoxifies your body and they can also help to relieve pain in your bones and joints. Saunas can also improve your skin conition, help with weight loss and improve your circulation. More importantly, they are great fun and with the log burner option, a completely sustainable product with a traditional look and feel that is perfect for any modern or traditional outdoor space.

For more enquiries about our Hekla Barrel saunas, please do not hesitate to contact Bay Spas for a no obligation quote, to discuss the pruchase process, delivery and siting on 01271 864192.

Current Prices:

  • 210  = £5999.00
  • 250 = £6499.00

+ delivery (and installation if required) + heater (various options available)

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