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The Vacation Lounger is built with holiday use in mind, with the in line dosing system within the cabinet so there is no need or access for your guests to change the chemical dosing and the cabinet has a lock for security. The simplistic design with no headrests or diverters means there is a lot less that can get damaged with no breakable or removable components. This hot tub also comes with wifi connectivity so you can control and monitor the hot tub remotely. The Vacation Lounger also has a quick drain facility so that you can drain, refill and re-heat your hot tub quickly and at a low cost.

This is the perfect hot tub if you want more bookings for your holiday home without a significant increase in your energy costs. The Vacation Lounger 6 person hot tub provides a robust build designed with holiday cottage letting in mind and is also designed to be highly energy efficient. This hot tub also complies with the Health & Safety Guidance (HSG) 282 relating to the control of Legionnaires' disease in commercial hot tubs. For more information about the Vacation Lounger including delivery and siting, please contact Bay Spas or arrange to visit our show room and view the models that we have on offer.

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