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The Oasis Spas Heatwave range RX-773 hot tub is the largest and top of the range hot tub in the Heatwave range offering exceptional value for money for a large hot tub. The Heatwave range has great build quality and includes the R18 full foam insluation system that offers five different layers of insulation to keep the heat in and keep your costs down.

This hot tub has 4 seats and 2 lounge seats and is spacious with 59 hydro jets and 20 air jets that have their own heating pump so hot, rather than cold air is pumped through the seats. This improves the hydrotherapy benefits and makes this a top large hot tub for both relaxation, getting the full health benefits of a hot tub and also for socialising as it seats six people in total. 

There are a full range of added extra features including a 6 inch waterfall, 3 roman fountains and illuminated ice bucket. You also get LED corner panels and waterline and large underwater LED lighting along with Bluetooth audio with subwoofer speakers and 2 transducer underwwater speakers that transmit sound through the water. If you are looking for a luxury large hot tub at a medium range price, this is the ideal choice and is availble to buy from Bay Spas in Devon. 

RX-773 Spec Sheet (1.71 MB)
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