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Oasis Heatwave hot tubs for sale in Devon

Oasis Heatwave Hot Tubs

Oasis Heatwave Hot Tubs

Bay Spas now offer the new Oasis Heatwave range of hot tubs. We see this range as offering outstanding value for money given the build quality, features and the efficiency. From standard 3 seaters to 7 seaters and flexible combinations of seats and loungers in between, this range is versatile, energy efficient and affordable. 

The Oasis Heatwave range all use the R18 Plus full foam insulation system to minimise heat loss as much as possible. This insulation system involves 5 different layers for insulation from the lucite 6 layer acrylic shell through to three different types of insulation within the body and an external silver foil insulation. With energy costs s high as they are, this minimises the spend on electricity and makes all year round use of this hot tub feasible and economical. The range has won several awards including the 2022 Energy Efficiency Award and Spa Supplier of the Year which really says a lot.

Given the price range, we also love the extra features such as the standard Gecko bluetooth audio system that has a subwoofer and two transducer speakers that transmit sound waves under water. The range all have variations of different water features, LED systems and seating plans and come with full warranties. The real bonus is the price, the price point offers outstanding value for money, luxury hot tubs with all of the features but at mid range prices. Have a look below and call us or visit our showroom to find out more about the Oasis Heatwave range of hot tubs for sale in Devon from Bay Spas.


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Oasis Heatwave RX-170 200cm x 164cm x 82 cm 3 Seats


Oasis Heatwave RX-170 is the perfect compact luxury hot tub with 1 seat, 2 loungers and a host of luxury features, ideal for smaller gardens.

3 Seats

  1. RX-562 hot tub top view
  2. RX-562 hot tub side view
  3. Heatwave hot tubs
  4. hot tub in a garden
  5. three people in a hot tub

Oasis Heatwave RX-562 218cm x 218cm x 92cm 6 Seats


Oasis Spas Heatwave RX-562 hot tub with 1 lounge seat and 5 standard seats plus a 6 inch waterfall, great for fun and relaxation.

6 Seats

  1. rx-363 hot tubs for sale at Bay spas
  2. RX363 top down view
  3. shell of the RX363 hot tub
  4. bottom of the RX363 hot tub
  5. side panel of the RX363
  6. RX363 lounge seater with jets
  7. controls on the RX363
  8. bottom of the RX363

Oasis Heatwave RX-363 200cm x 200cm x 82cm 6 Seats


Oasis Heatwave Range RX-363 hot tub with 5 seats and 1 lounge seat plus 39 hydro jets and 16 air jets, a great luxury compact square hot tub.

6 Seats

  1. rx 532 hot tub for sale
  2. rx 532 in a garden
  3. woman in a hot tub
  4. man in a hot tub
  5. llinging in the hot tub bubbles
  6. hot tub water fountain

Oasis Heatwave RX-532 218cm x 218cm x 92cm 7 Seats


Oasis Heatwave RX-532 with 7 seats, a great mid sized square hot tub with 62 jets and it even has an integrated ice bucket, party on!

7 Seats

  1. RX-570 in sterling silver white
  2. RX-570  in storm clouds grey
  3. heatwave tub in a garden
  4. woman relaxing in a heatwave tub
  5. water founatins in the hot tub

Oasis Heatwave RX-570 212cm x 212cm x 92cm 5 Seats


Oasis Spas Heatwave RX-570 hot tub with 3 seats plus 2 lounge seats, a versatile combination, ideal if relaxation is the key driver.

5 Seats

  1. RX-773 hot tub to buy from Bay Spas
  2. exterior of the RX-773
  3. hot tub in garden with a couple
  4. hot tub with three people
  5. rx 773 with woman relaxing

Oasis Heatwave RX-773 230cm x 240cm x 92cm 5 Seats


Oasis Spas Heatwave RX-773 large and luxury hot tub with 4 seats, 2 lounge seats and79 jets, a large luxury hot tub at a great price.

5 Seats