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Holiday Let Spa

Holiday Let Spa

Platinum Spas have built a hot tub that is specifically designed for the holiday let industry and complies with HSG282 guidelines. The premise is to have a hot tub that is strong and durable, able to be used for long periods of time and can be emptied and refilled faster than with a traditional hot tub.

Having a hot tub at your holiday let increases the rental value of your property and increases bookings at the tail end where you are more likely to have empty dates. For more information click here to view why hot tubs can significantly increase your holiday home revenues.

The holiday let hot tubs have a simplistic design that minimises that amount of damage that can be done or settings that can be changed. The dosing system is built within the cabinet and is designed for consinuous monitoring and dosing. The hot tubs can be monitored and controled through an app that can be accessed through the internet and provides you with full control over the hot tub settings.

The result is a hot tub that requires minimal maintenance, is durable and designed to be hard wearing with features that allow the hot tub to comply with HSG282 guidelines and prevents build ups of harmful bacteria within the water. To find out more about our hot tubs for holiday homes, please contact Bay Spas or visit our showroom.

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Holiday Let Spa

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