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The Holiday Let 2 hot tub is a rectangular shaped hot tub with dimensions of 215 x 180 x 80 cm and is designed to be robust and suit a holiday property and similar lets with a range of facilities that make it ideal for heavy use with fast clean downs. As a 4 seater hot tub, the Holiday Let 2 hot tub is fully compliant with Health & Safety Guidance (HSG) 282 guidelines that make it a great solution if you own a holiday let and want to increase revenues through the provision of a hot tub.

The Holiday Let 2 hot tub has R10 insulation and an R10 hard cover that can save up to 41% of the energy costs of a similar sized hot tub without a hardcover and R10 insulation. It has a double filtration system to catch all of the dirt and an ozone purification system to break down oils and ensure that your water is clear reducing chemical usage and running costs. There is a status proled lighting system that is energy efficient and indicates if there is something wrong with the spa. The industry standard Balboa control system has an lcd display that provides easy to read instructions including maintenance reminders.

This hot tub is ideal if you are looking for a cost effective and hard wearing hot tub with a rectangular shape that conforms to (HSG) 282 guidelines making it ideal for holiday properties. Adding a hot tub to your holiday property extends the booking period and provides a positive rate of return on your investment as well as increasing repeat bookings. This hot tub is available to buy from Bay Spas in North Devon with full delivery options.

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