Hot Tub Hire Info

Your requirements for hot tub hire

1. Base / Site - Needs to be as level as possible and access needs to be considered. A flat, level base, such as decking, concrete or a patio area is ideal. A grass area is not ideal but as long as it is fairly level boards can be put down (customers responsibility) to make a flat base. Sand can also be used for levelling in some circumstances. Please consult us for any advice.

2. Electric supply - The spa need a suitable electircal supply within 10 meters of where it is to be situated. Once filled up and plugged in the spa can then heat up, depending on the particular spa and the weather will depend on how long it takes.

3. Water supply - All hire hot tubs are portable units so only require a hose to fill them up.! If you want the spa to be warmer quicker you can also put hot / warm water in from the start from your domestic supply.

4. Chemicals - All our staff are trained in water chemical safety, and will talk you through this upon installation. You will be supplied with the chemicals to use during the hire period, and will be required to perform a simple test and record the results every day.

5. Extend your hire - If you wish to extend the hot tub hire period please contact us and we will discuss your requirements.

6. Enjoy!!