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Hekla Cube 160, 210, 250 Saunas are 2, 4 and 6 person saunas respectively. The unique design of the cube shape allows a more comfrotable seating position with a rounded rather than square edge contour that allows the hot air to circulate more evenly. The Cube 160 model has a 7kw electric heater and the Cube 210 and 250 models have the option of either a 7kw or 9kw electric heater or an interior woodburner.

The unique and contemporary design of the Hekla Cube sauna has square sides with a bevelled edge. The reason for this is that with a square shaped sauna, the heat sits at the top so that there is a significant temperature difference between the top and the bottom of the sauna. The Hekla Cube has a bevelled edge to allow the heat to move more freely around the sauna, to create a more even heat distribution for a more pleasurable experience and to reduce the heating costs.

The Hekla Cube saunas have a unique shape and a large glass panel front window allowing increased light penetration, ideal if you have some great views to take advantage of whilst enjoying your sauna. The sauna room aspen benches with a flat back allow a more relaxing position, ideal if you want to use your sauna for pain relief and to relax whilst sitting up straight.

The design and shape is modern and contemporary, they would sit perfectly in an outdoor space in a new or contemporary home with a sleek deisgn incorporating curved edges. These saunas are built from Thermowood in Finland, this is naturally occuring Nordic pine that is cut from sustainably managed forests. The wood is then heated to a high temperature that changes to composition of the wood to make it more durable, less prone to warping, shrinking, rot, insect infestation and have a higher iginition temperature to prevent flame spread. There are two heating options, you can have an interior wood burner for sustainable heating or a 7kw or 9kw electrical heater.

The Hekla Cube saunas are designed to help you relax in comfort in a stylish outdoor sauna that is built to the highest standards in Finland. Saunas may help you with pain relief, especially for bone, joint and muscle pains. The may also help relieve stress, anxiety and are known to help with weight loss. They are ideal to promote recovery times, especially after high intensity sports and to improve blood circulation, improve skin health and to promote detoxification of toxins from the body.

The most important aspect of a Hekla Cube sauna is that they are fun, they help bring families together in a health beneficial envirtonment and the products are eco-friendly being made from sustainable resources to the highest quality standards.

If you would like more information about the range of Hekla Cube saunas, please do not hesitate to contact Bay Spas on 01271 864192. We can help answer any questions regarding the purchasing process, delivery and siting and provide you with a no obligation quote.

Current Prices:

  • 160 = £6499.00
  • 210 = £6999.00
  • 250 = £7499.00

+ delivery (and installation if required) + heater (various options available)

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