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The Chill Lite is the entry level Chill ice bath with temperatures as low as three degrees and an antifreeze function to prevent the build up of ice and frost. This ice bath is made from roto mould, the same material that hot tubs are made from. The seating area is 115cm by 75cm so plenty of room to sit back, relax and recover from your sport or exercise.

The Chill Lite comes with base LED lights, an ozone and filter system to keep the water clean and is only 85kg, a perfect size for indoor use with 400 litres water capacity so the running costs are low. If you ar elooking for an entry level ice bath with all of the functionality and plenty of space to relax, the Chill Lite is perfect. This ice bath is ideal for sports men and women looking to maximise their performance, improve recovery times and reduce muscle inflamation. If you exercise regularly or get muscle injuries especially with contact sports, the Chill Lite is ideal to help you recover faster and improve your circulation.

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