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The Chill Original is the perfect mid range ice bath if you are looking for a fully electronic ice bath with temperatures as low as 3 degrees without breaking the bank. The internal ice bath length is 120cm and width is 73cm making it easy to sit fully covered in the ice bath. This is a great size if you want an ice bath indoors or outdoors and to be used regularly to get the maximum from your exercise.

The Chill Original has a stainless steel and aluminium construction with a composite top and comes with a full ozone and water filter to keep the bath clean as well as an antifreeze function to prevent the build up of ice and frost. It is fully insulated to minimise running costs and is a a mid price range tub.

If you are looking for an ice bath with low temperatures that is easy to maintain with low running costs, the Chill Original is perfect. Improve your recovery time from exercise and reduce muscle soreness and inflamation with the Chill Original where you can sit comfortably and fully relax.

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