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The Thermals Ocean hot tub is designed as an entry level hot tub where loungers are all important. This hot tub has 3 seats and 2 loungers with a relatively small 2m by 2m footprint and is a great solution if you are looking for a smaller sized hot tub with 2 loungers in a unique design. The Thermals Ocean hot tub has 24 jets and the loungers are designed to hold the body and are non floating. This improves the hydrotherapy massage, making it a great solution if hydrotherapy is an important element in your buying decision.

Set at a great entry level price, the Thermals Ocean hot tub also has a no bypass filtration system along with an ozone disinfection system to maintain high quality water and clean water. Additional features include an LED mood light system with seven different colours to choose from and the Gecko Control System which is easy to use and results in low running costs.

The Thermals Ocean hot tub is perfect if you are looking for 2 loungers in a 5 person hot tub with a unique design that is centred on providing the maximum hydrotherapy benefits. The Thermals Ocean is available to buy from Bay Spas in North Devon.

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