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The Thermal Spas Sapphire hot tub is a comfortable 6 person hot tub with 5 seats and 1 lounge seat that offers great value for money for a medium sized hot tub. The Thermal Spas Sapphire has 61 jets with two 3HP pumps and a 3kw heater that provides all of the hydrotherapy whilst maintaining a good water temperature. This is a great entry level mid sized hot tub for six people at a really competitive price.

The lounge seat offers hydrotherapy relaxation with a non-float lounge seat to ensure that your body gets the full benefits of the hydrotherapy available. There is an LED mood lighting system with slow colour change and a choice of seven colours. The Gecko control system is easy to use with a great build quality offering practicality and style.

The Thermal Spas Sapphire is ideal if you are looking for a 6 seater hot tub on a budget and want a lounger included. With great build quality and at a great price, this hot tub is a perfect mid range size for 6 people and is available to buy at Bay Spas in North Devon.

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